Origins Vampire Trilogy

 Hierarchy of the Vampires

Blood Gods- the original Samsarra Six along with Amira and Liadan. There are only eight total. They are the ruling class of Vampires and are the most true and pure form of Vampire. They are completely immortal and cannot only feast on the blood of humans but also eat food. The are invincible. No item known to man can kill them. They can be extremely dangerous due to their true nature. They possess the kiss of the first Vampire Lilith and all of her traits. They were born under an unusual astrological alignment that made them be able to withstand her kiss and become like her.




Blood Borns- vampires created through magical rites. They live extremely long lives but are not immortal, eventually they will die. They possess some traits like other Vampires, a lust for blood, the ability to control others, invisibility. If they drink the blood of a Blood God, they will become immortal but they can be killed.



Pure Bloods-vampires born of the union of either two Blood Gods, two Blood Borns or the union of a Blood God and a Blood Born. They possess the qualities of both parents. Their lust for blood is slightly heightened because of the union . They are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and are highly empathic, being able to communicate before they are born. They like Blood Gods cannot die.



Half Bloods-vampires born of the union of a human and either a Blood God or a Blood Born. They possess the same lust for blood as other vampires but they are slightly more dangerous than the higher vampires as their blood is not pure. They are only half vampire, with half of their humanity remaining. They often cannot control their human emotions. This leads to bad decisions and they have to be carefully monitored. They act on the moment and live for the feeling.


Hybrids- hybrids are humans who have been turned. The only hybrids that exercise control of their nature are ones who have been infected by Blood Gods. The less pure the strain of vampirism, the more dangerous the hybrids become. Their lust for blood is insatiable. They have lost the ability to live in the daylight. They are easily killed by other vampires, sometimes even humans. Their lack of regard for life is what lead to the strife between vampires and humans.




 Aithne-mother of Liadan, grandmother to Ari.

 Amira-wife of Zaid and mother of Farrah. She is not Sumerian but from a far land which she has never revealed the location. She is in hiding from King Ashurhassan.

 Annara- is Drusil’s twin sister and part of the Samsarra Six. She is a master shape shifter,and is incredibly fast, moving so quickly she leaves only wind. She a gifted seer. She is bonded to Anju.

 Anephret- wife of Sephre and a Blood Born. Egyptian.

 Anju- married to Drusil’s twin sister and one of the Samsarra Six. He is incredibly fleet of foot, a shape shifter and can control the weather. Especially when he is partnered with Annara can cause great storms.

 Ari- (Sa-ari) Leader of the Samsarra Six Blood Gods. Her destiny is to be the Queen of all vampires. She is bonded to Drake, one of the original six vampires from Ur, Sumer. She is all powerful, possessing the traits of all six of the Blood Gods.

 Ashurhassan- ruthless King of Ur who desires to possess Ari for his own

gain. A Blood Born.

 Atlen-the great mountain from whence Lilith was born. Atlen loosely translates to mountain paradise in Sumer.

 Bashura-a kind and gently King, betrayed and killed by Ashurhassan. A father figure to Sephre. Dharia- became Ari and Drake’s daughter after Ari accidently turned her in a moment of weakness. She can weave mists and create illusions.

 Drake- bonded to Ari. He can assume any other form, be it man or animal though he prefers wolves and bats. He can control the thoughts of others and cause them to do things through suggestion. He can turn into

smoke. He second only to Ari in vampire strength. Also one of the Samsarra Six.

 Drusil-bonded to Souri, twin of Annara and one of the Six. He can blend into any natural surface and become unseen. He is ruthless in his pursuit and makes sport of killing humans. Like his sister he is an empath but can control the emotions of others. He is the element of either fire or earth and also can control the weather, mostly lightning.

 Ensu/Laidan- High Priestess of the Gestu in Eridu. Ari’s birthmother.

 Farrah- child of Zaid and Amira. She is a prophet and possesses the unique ability to control vampire.

 Lilith-according to Ancient Sumerian lore, Lilith was the first woman to inhabit the Great Mountain. She was the keeper of all things wild, her kiss was death and her tears caused flowers to grow. She was the very first Vampire and was created by the Gods.

 Lurashan-King of Urgada, once a friend but now an enemy of Ashurhassan.

Mac Lir- Ancient Celtic God, the father of Liadan.

Mariliths-the children born of Lilith’s rage.

Markesh- brother of Zaid, son of Ashurhassan. Sumerian.

 Megara- High Sangra of Dagon, and loyalist to King Hammurabi.

Navarra- one of Sephre’s people and one of Ari’s lovers.

 Nedet- the wife of Zuren. Egyptian.

Negesh-loyal friend of Sephre. He is a Simug, a blacksmith.

Philista- daughter of Ashurhassan and sister to Zaid and Markesh.

 Sokara-Sephre’s sister. Egyptian.

Ur- also known as Uruk. City established between 5000 BCE and 4000 BCE. At the height of its power had over 80,000 inhabitants. The modern city of Warku was built overtop of it. The area it is located in is Samsarra. The birthplace of the Ari and her family.

Urgada-fictional city of King Lurashan in Sumer.

Uriah- Captain of the Guard and most trusted allies of the Samsarra Six. Sumerian.

Zaid-son of Ashurhassan, married to Amira. Traitor to his father the King.