Archived Announcements July to December 2011

01/08/2012 13:12

December 10th, 2011

It has been an interesting year to say the least. I had to pay to be released from my contract with my first publisher...which was fine since I was grateful to be free. I went to self-publishing, a task all in itself. Not only do you have to do your own editing or find someone to do it for you; you also have to design your own coverart for every project. I can attest this not always the easiest task. i learned how to format books for not only self-publishing but also for e-books which is not easy for someone like myself who is not so tech savvy. But I did it. And I can honestly say I am pretty proud of myself. My ebooks are essentially everywhere, and though I had hoped to sell more than what i did, I did sell a few and have some really nice reviews posted. I even found a review online for Immortal War the Tears of Lilith which was a complete surprise. I had hoped given the ebooks were so reasonably priced (with most of them being less than $3.00), I would have at least a bit more than I did. It has been a tight year financially with my husband's place of employment closing so any book sale has been greatly appreciated. So in this holiday season, I would like to thank those of you who continuously stop by the site, those of you who have purchased books, and those of you who have posted your kind reviews. Every bit of support is appreciated. Please spread the word. Ebooks this cheap won't last forever. May your holidays be blessed with good cheer, the laughter of friends, and the words of a good book....

November 20th 2011

The Irishman and I are close to completing the second book in the Wolves of Dullahan series which we hope to have available by Christmas. I am about a week away from completing Thirteen Pieces of Eight which I hope to have up for purchase Thanksgiving Weekend. Ebooks are doing well and some fabulous reviews have been posted for Wolves on the site and places like Barnes and Noble and smashwords. Still waiting to here about a possible acceptance by the agent who has the manuscript and from DAW publishing group who I sent the manuscript to about four months ago. Wishing all of you a safe holiday season and giving thanks for those who have continuously supported my works and dreams. Thank you all!

October 23rd, 2011

Busy month! So much to work on....Working on the second edition in Wolves and actively seeking agents once more. Also attempting to work on a few of the other manuscripts I have had in the works for some time now. I have on book left to get formatted for smashwords. All the other books are now up on all ebooks formats and readily available on kindle, nook, kobi, deisel etc and very reasonably priced so be sure to keep an eye out...Hope no matter where you are you are blessed by the beautiful season change and are well. Thanks for stopping by. Be well...

September 2nd, 2011

The partial review for Wolves of Dullahan posted on lulu...

I do not have the ability to write nearly as well as the authors so I am uncertain that I can produce a review that does justice to this is a must read for the sci-fi/horror/adventure reader and a worthwhile read for anyone else.If ever a book cried out to be a movie, this is that book. I don’t want to wish any bad luck on these authors, but this book ranks right up there with those of Saberhangen, King, and Herbert.

If you would like to read the review in full, please visit: and click on the downloadable pdf for $5.99 to read the entire review. Moments like this are very special to me...especially with authors she mentions. To be compared to Fred Saberhagen is beyond my wildest dreams. His novel, Empire of the East, is one the best pieces of literature available in my opinion. This is more than an honor....

August 19th 2011

Fantastic announcement, Origins Blood in the Sand is already up as an ebook on the apple and sony sites. The entire Origins Trilogy, Wolves of Dullahan, the Mirror, Mantis Pray for Death, and Mantis Pray for Absolution should all be up on Diesel, Sony e-books, the Apple E-book store, Barnes and Nobles Nook, Kobo, and Scrollmotion by the end of the month. The posting date depends on the company, some take longer to update their catalogs than others, but they are so reasonably priced. It is my goal to sell at least 5000 copies of WOLVES OF DULLAHAN to help secure an agent. Please, stop by the ebook store of your choice and get your copy today while the prices are reduced!

August 15th 2011

So very busy here lately, so I must apologize for the lack of timely updates. I am writing and doing reviews for the website and also posting them on my friend, AJ Grimes' new site I just finished getting all of the Origins books plus the Mirror, and Wolves of Dullahan up for ebook on Sony, Apple, Nook, and Kindle plus all other readers that use various epubs. You can get them directly at where all of them are priced at only $3.99 or $4.99. A great deal for anyone with a reader. If you have a membership to one of the other sites and the books aren't listed there yet, keep checking. They will be there any day!

July 24th 2011

As of yesterday, the majority of my printed works are now available on AMAZON KINDLE! I am working on the setup with smashwords and soon they will also be available on NOOK, IBOOKS, SONY, and many, many more!

July 17th 2011

I am very pleased, and also honored, to announce that I was chosen as one of the Most Prolific Top 20 Writers for AKGMAG. I have been writing for them for nearly 7 months, doing interviews, articles, reviews, and press releases for not only my own work but also the works of other authors. This is a huge honor and a crowning achievement for me. Please stop by the AKG website at As always, thank you for your support.

July 5th 2011

Even if you are just stopping by, please take the time to sign my guestbook. I love to see where everyone is from and how they came to drop in on my page. I always respond and am grateful for every guest. I am thinking about doing a contest for signed hardback copy of the readers choice, but You have to sign the questbook to be entered. Entries will be counted through the end of August 2011....