Exciting contest forthcoming!!!

08/04/2012 22:34

The free give away for Wolves of Dullahan on ebook was quite a success! Thanks to all of you who took the time to stop by smashwords to download your free copy. I would request that if you did the download, read the book, and have an opinion, please stop by the guestbook and leave your comments! We would love to hear from you...

Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising (book 2) will soon be available as an Amazon exclusive...very exciting news...AND book 3 Rise of the Celts is soon to be in publication...

The contest will be an easy one...any one who emails me at the address listed on the site with proof of purchase for all three books, (even if one of them is a free download), then those names will go into a drawing to PREVIEW and SUBMIT content suggestions for book 4 with credit given to the chosen winner in the acknowledgement page.

With book 4 already under way, (oh my god, what have I done! who knew a bedtime story was going to turn into a possible 7 book series....I think my brain is beginning to hurt!)  this is a very exciting proposition that we hope all of our readers will take advantage of and participate.

If you have not had the opportunity to download the books, I would like to ask you to do so while they are so affordably priced and before they are pulled. A publisher is currently reviewing book 1 and this could possibly lead to all the books being pulled from amazon, smashwords, barnes...etc....please dont miss the chance while it is available!

Again, many thanks to those who downloaded the book. It is my hope you enjoyed reading it as much as my father and I enjoyed writing it!