The Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising Ebook

09/03/2012 10:16

The Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising will be available as a KINDLE exclusive starting this week. It should be available during the day on Tuesday, September 4th. Before the end of the month, Lupus Rising will also be available as a free download for 48 hours, so keep a close eye on the Kindle information at the AMAZON website to get your copy for free! Book 3 Rise of the Celts is complete and the final finishing touches are being placed on the manuscript. It should be available before the end of September as well. The first book is still in the hands of a publisher who is reviewing the book for national release. Fingers crossed and waiting for the best news an author could possibly hope for; We have reviewed your manuscript and would like to speak with you immediately...or something like that anyway!