Follow the vampires born of Lilith on a 6000 year reign of war, heartbreak, and love....





Six friends born during a rare astrological alignment in ancient Sumeria are destined for greatness. They will become the first vampires on Earth. Their leader, a headstrong woman named Ari, becomes the subject of adoration by their ruler, King Ashurhassan. He desires for Ari and her friends to build an army of undead to rule with him. A chance encounter reveals a prophecy with deadly intentions. As Ari struggles with the darkness residing within her, she must find the strength to save not only her family but all of Sumeria from the deadly clutches of their King. Series Book 1.


Book Two

With King Ashurhassan dead, the vampires of the Draconus Sumer Clan flee to Egypt with Sephre to help him gain his rightful place as Pharaoh. Egypt is now their land of promise and a place where they can begin anew. The looming darkness within Ari awakened the night she killed their vile King begins to disturb the other members of her family. Drake and the others soon realize that Ari is not only a danger to the vampire nation which she presides over as Queen but also a danger to the mortals which surround her. As the centuries continue to pass the Draconus Vampire Clan serves the many Pharaoh's of Egypt and encounter other Kings who would use them for their own personal gain. As Ari embraces her title as Queen of the Vampire nation, the conflict within her continues to grow as her lust for power and blood becomes unrivaled. Can Ari control the growing darkness within her or will she leave behind a blood soaked trail greater than any mortal war? Series Book 2.


Book Three

It was the dawn of a new age. The world of the mortals embraced a new God and a new Religion. Mighty Kings came to power who served the will of their people and the will of their God. Ruthless Kings used their power to control their subjects and reeked havoc against the land and their people. The nation of vampires expanded and blended seamlessly into the world of the mortals in a way that Ari and her family could never envision. Ari is faced with decisions that she must make to keep the Vampire Nation safe, including placing her husband as one of the most despised rulers in all of Europe when propositioned by King Mathias. The planetary alignment of 2012 looms in the distance, an alignment greater than the one under which the six of them were born. What the future holds for the Sumerian Dragons, the children who were born of Lilith, after the 2012 alignment is a fate that will change the world of vampires forever. Series book 3.