Oct 2010 to January 2011 updates

04/09/2011 09:51

January 7th Update

Here we are, a new year already. How time flys.... Blood Key is approaching completetion, perhaps not as quickly as I anticipated, but approaching none the less. I hope to have it released the end of February 2011. Kashmir is progressing nicely and has roughly two chapters left until completion. I hope to release War in Heaven, the Tears of Lilith sometime this spring which is a companion book to the Origins Trilogy that tells the tale of Lilith, her involvement in the creation of the Samarra Six vampires and the desolate life she was condemned to face as the first and only pure vampire. I also am about to begin another book titled Murder at the Monaco. I am hoping to have the second book in the Mantis series ready by mid summer. So as you all can see, I will have a busy, yet fun venture ahead. I hope all of you had a wonderful New Years. I recently started a blog about my books and a general discussion board about all things that go bump in the night. Please stop by and join the discussion at www.cbowser.blogspot.com and don't forget, all of my books are still only $2 above cost at my publisher's site www.offthebookshelf.com.  They also are availabe for all brands of e-readers there also. you also can purchase my books at Barnes and Nobles online site as well as Amazon. Here's to a fruitful New Year. May we all be blessed in 2011.

December 18th Update

As the new quickly approaches, I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has repeatedly taken the time out of your busy lives to stop by my websites to see how the new books are progressing. Every visit, each click, each page, you see is greatly appreciated and I am humbled by your following. I have kept the prices of the all the novels published at Off the Bookshelf at only two dollars over cost. I hope you will take the time to stop by to purchase your copies. To those of you who paid full price for the first novel in the Triliogy from the first publisher, I say thank you. Your support despite the errors in the book, gave me the passion to continue writing and the fortitude to publish my other novels, which are also available as ebooks. I wish all of you nothing but happiness, health, and peace in the New Year...Many blessings to all of you...Sincerely, Candace

December 1st Update

Other than the radio interview, I must say I have been busy writing and nothing more. I have decided to keep the books at only two dollars over cost in light of the economy and to keep my books at a nice price for the holidays. I have been working on a novel with a new author I met named AJ Grimes, and  also have launched a new company, with my friend and fellow author Kevin Davison, named Elysium Created Productions which helps self-published authors with publicity at a very affordable price. We also provide coverart design and proof reading services that are much lower than others in the industry.

October 25th Annoucncement: WTAN radio

I am very pleased to announce my radio interview will air on Tuesday, October 26th on WTAN radio in Florida and on KLRG radio in Little Rock Arkansas! The interview is due to air on Book Club with John Austin and can be heard at any time via podcast at : www.tantalk1340.com . It should also be available via podcast at 5:30 EST today, Oct. 25th. In honor of the interview, I am keeping the retail price of all of my books at

www.offthebookshelf.com at only $2 above my cost. Please stop by and listen to the interview, and stop by my bookseller! Thanks again to all of you who continuously come by the website to check the status of the Blood Key and my other novels.


I am working on the release of Kashmir, hopefully before the end of the year, and will be doing an interview with AJ Grimes, a new novelist in the genre of murder and suspense. To view my other articles stop by

akgmag.com to read my articles about new releases, new authors I have met, and various information about publishing.







Origins Reign of Blood

Book Two of the Origins Vampire Trilogy

Origins Reign of Blood follows Ari and her five companions as Ari takes her rightful place as Queen of the Vampires as they flee Sumeria for their new home in Egypt.  The more time passes, the more the others begin to realize that Ari has awoken the darkness which sleeps inside her after killing their vile King. Sephre must take his place as the Scorpion King and become the first Pharoah of Egypt, but complications soon arise from Ari's destructive behavior and insatisable bloodlust. As the nation of vampires begins to grow under her reign, will Ari be able to control the darkness which  lies within her? Or will she leave a blood soaked trail greater than any human war?








Mantis is a special collaboration between fellow author Kevin C. Davison and myself.  The Praying Mantis character makes a brief, yet stunning, appearance in Kevin's new book, "Wrath" which will soon be available at www.offthebookshelf.com and also www.amazon.com.  I am eternally grateful to my friend Kevin and his wife Amy for offering me the opportunity to expand his character into a full length novel.  A word from Kevin about 'WRATH'...

"Conspiracy, murder, and abductions set government agencies into motion to discover who is behind it all.  When an LA Detective accidentally discovers information related to the government case he is working on,  he and his family are targeted by assassins.  The assassins unleash an unimaginable fury called Wrath."














Little did Ari and her companions know on the day of their birth they were destined for greatness. Elaborate planning by her mother would allow them to become the most powerful vampires ever created. A vile king named Ashurhassan has different plans for them and will stop at nothing to see them through. They will lead his army and build the strongest kingdom ever witnessed in her home, Sumeria. When a prophecy is revealed to her about what Ashurhassan really desires, Ari knows she must embrace her dark nature. Can Ari save her family as she struggles with being a vampireand tries to hold onto the small amount of humanity that she has left? Can she embrace her darkness and fulfill the prophecy? 


Origins Blood in the Sand is the first book in the Origins Vampire Trilogy.  Set in Ancient Sumeria, Origins tells the tale of how the first ever vampires were created. 

"No matter what it may whisper to you, no matter the promises it makes, you must never uncover the Mirror."  As Adrianna walked away she heard the Mirror whisper, "you belong to me now Adrianna. You belong to me."

Adrianna Bristol's phone rang and her brother gave her the disturbing news. While Adrianna had been on a restoration project in Paris, her beloved grandmother had died. Adrianna was now the owner of the Bristol Estate, and the four hundred year old mirror which had been handed down through the generations. Adrianna stood before the Mirror which was covered with a piece of black velvet. In all the years she had lived at Bristol Manor, Adrianna had never seen the Mirror uncovered. As she laid her hand on the cool velvet cover, she remembered the stern warning her grandmother had given her when she was a child.

the Mirror

When Jaden Gibbons is found in a dark alley by a kind and elderly man, she has no memory of who is she or how she ended up in his care.  Severly beaten and barely alive, Jaden's life now lays in the hands of the man who found her. As Jaden's wounds begin to heal, the anger within her begins to grow, and she becomes obscessed with revenge. Tiny fragments of her former life begin to resurface, and Jaden quickly realizes she is nothing like the woman she thought she was.  Once Jaden embraces her previous life will anyone who meets her be left alive to tell their tale?

Mantis Pray for Death