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So you are probably wondering 'why is she publishing under another name?'  Well, it is complicated, but it has to do with several factors. Hargrove's books are a bit  edgier, not as friendly as the books I have written, and some of them may even be considered shocking. The Quintessential Gentleman is a good example; it is explicit, graphic, and gory.

Another factor is a comment an agent made to me. 'Is that your real last name or did you steal it from Mario Brothers?' Wow. I nearly died. Yes, it is my real last name. In fact, Bowser is a very common name on the east coast, and no, I didn't get it from a video game.

Thirdly, Hargrove allows me to tap into venues I have not written before with a tinge of eroticism added or horror so frightening the skin crawls and will open me up to a whole new class of readers. I hope you will stop by Hargrove's tab to see what has been published and upcoming releases. Or stop by the new website for Hargrove at

About Hargrove...

A pertual nightowl and lover of all things horror related, Hargrove finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. Whether inspiration is found in the hidden truths of the serial killers of antiquity or in the present day, it truly can be said that truth is always stranger and often more horrific than fiction. A penchant for research and a dedication to creating literary indulgences that the reader is unable to forget, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable, despised, and strangely adored. Currently a resident of the central midwest, Hargrove says no one city can be claimed as home and tends to have a 'gypsy' like gene, never residing in one city long enough to become attached or long enough to become bored.


Please visit the available works tab for all novels published under Candace L Bowser and Hargrove Perth.




01/03/2017 09:34
Due to issues with this host now wanting to charge me a monthly fee for the same services that have been free the entire 7 years I have hosted it here and paying double the traditional amount for a domain. ($26 a year compared to others at $12 a year.) I will not longer maintain this site....

Awards Announcement

08/31/2016 18:41
  Author of the Year YA Fantasy, Hargrove Perth - Miss Crabtree's School for Unnaturals Nominee Author of the Year, Hargrove Perth - Chronicle Dark Sea Triad, YA Fantasy Author of the Year Horror, Hargrove Perth - Coven Wives (comedic paranormal horror) Cover of the Year 2015, Forsaken -...

Book Two of the Unnaturals

12/01/2015 12:02
Coming soon....   and for the Americas!

Miss Crabtree

10/17/2015 17:31
This is a book near and dear to my heart. Both of my grandfather's served during WWII and are incorporated in this book. I wish they were still here, my Pap and Pappy Pal, as I lovingly called them, to read this book. I think they would be proud. They will always be America's greatest generation. I...

Anything Goes

06/19/2015 22:49
Tonight I had the honor of being hosted by Bennet Pomerantz on his award winning show, Anything Goes. It was an amazing experience, and I do hope you will stop by to listen to not only my show but also the many other talented authors and writers he hosts....

2014 Author of the Year Double Decker Books in Historical Horror

03/04/2015 08:32
The results were announced on Sunday March 1st 2015. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Dark Days is set to be a series, and though none of the books will be related to each other, they do carry a common them about a dark tragedy. Please stop by and pick up your copy today at 99 cents on...

Nominated for Author of the Year 2014 Please stop in and vote

02/10/2015 08:51
I am so pleased to announce, Dark Days Remy Broulette, has brought me the honor of 2014 Nominee Best Author of the Year Historical/Horror by Double Decker Books. This is a huge honor and makes twice in 2014 for nominations. If you could please take a moment to vote, I would be eternally grateful...

Whispering Oaks

02/10/2015 08:49
My book, written with Dorothy Dawson, House at Whispering Oaks, is continuing to break sales totals every single month since publication. It is a 99 cent read, so stop by and see what the buzz is about! This book is a huge success for me writing as Hargrove. I hope you enjoy!

It's been awhile

11/27/2014 23:24
First off, I apologize. I know you come to get updates and see what I have been working on in earnest. I have been busy writing, helping other authors, doing promotions, hosting facebook parties. The last 2 months have been hectic to say the least! The Origins Series is being reworked. Book one and...

Dark Days moved to new publisher

10/15/2014 15:39
Dark Days is now with a new publisher, Celestial Waters Publishing. Paperbacks and ebooks can be purchased direct or from any fine retailer in United States. A soon to be released book under Hargrove Perth will be placed with Red Street Publishing. Details soon to follow.
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