Fall Updates, condensed

12/18/2010 18:55

October 18th Update

I have permanently reduced the prices of all my books that are available at my publisher to only $2 above what it costs me to purchase my own copies in the hopes of making my works more affordable for more fans. Sales of my books will be the best leverage I have at my disposal to be able to find an agent to represent me. I hope that you will take a moment to stop by www.offthebookshelf.com to purchase your copy today and help me to be able show the world of publishing I am NOT  just another struggling author, but that I am worthy of the investment. Thank you for all the support and visits to my website every month. I love seeing where everyone is from and how many times different countries have visited.

October 4th Update One Month Only Sale!

This week at www.offthesbookshelf.com I have slashed the prices on all three of my books. Origins Reign of Blood is $11.99, Mantis Pray for Death is $6.99, and the Mirror is $8.99. This sale will end at midnight on October 31st. I have marked them down to only a few dollars above my cost. Please stop by and order your copy while the sale lasts!

September 24th Update

Currently I am working on  new novel about two brothers who are Templar Knights and the adventure that they embark on in the hauntingly beautiful land of the Swati that surrounds Susa. Unknowingly drawn into an arrangement betwee the Sultan in Susa and the King of Kashmir, Nigellus Trudefeu and his brother Willem Kilfoile find themselves surrounded by strange and dangerous creatures the likes of which they did not know existed. I have posted the first three pages as a teaser for you to enjoy.

September 19th Update

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a 30 minute interview on WTAN radio which will air sometime in the end of OCT. after the Imus Show and will be available to listen to live in the Clearwater Florida area, New York City, and also the entire of the state of Arkansas. It will also be available as a PODCAST. As soon as I have the official date, I will post it immediately. The show is called the Book Club and is hosted by John Austin. I recently had the opportunity to meet one of the authors that John Austin did an interview with named Mitt Winstead.

Please take a moment to stop by his website at https://www.evilinthemirror.blogspot.com/.

Mitt writes murder mystery novels with a twist. Mitt's novels capivate the reader and bring them into the sometimes dark world of murder leaving you unwillling to put the book down. Please be sure to go to Mitt's website. It is rare to find a passionate writer who can darken your world and leave you wanting more.

September 12th Update

After all the excitement surrounding the contest, things have finally settled down somewhat. Reign of Blood is now available at Amazon but has yet to be listed at Barnes and Noble. As soon as it has been listed, I will post information immediately. I began work on a companion novel for the Origins Trilogy about Lilith due to the inquiries I have received about her character. I will be holding off on publishing until The Blood Key has been published. I currently am working on a  scifi book about the Knights Templar, and am working on the second installment of the Mantis books. I am also pleased to announce that the Mirror has been very well received and already has a very nice review posted on Barnes and Noble.