Legion of the Relic, Dark Days of Remy Broulette, and New Publisher.

03/22/2013 15:01


The above image is a sneak preview of the cover I am working on for Legion. Remy Broulette is nearly 220 pages with about 100 or so to go. Remy has proved to be a most fascinating work considering the setting: New Orleans, the subject; Nzumbe, and the countless immortals who have been added such as the Nightwalkers, the Rougarou, and the immortal Marie Laveau!

Finishing up the last of Wolves 4.

The Mirror and Memoirs of an Immoral Life have been placed under contract with GMTA Publishing. I could not be more excited about this venture and the possibilties! The MIrror is soon to debut in April of 2012 with Memoirs following in May.