Miss Crabtree

10/17/2015 17:31

This is a book near and dear to my heart. Both of my grandfather's served during WWII and are incorporated in this book. I wish they were still here, my Pap and Pappy Pal, as I lovingly called them, to read this book. I think they would be proud. They will always be America's greatest generation. I hope you will stop by and pick up a copy of Miss Crabtree's School for Unnaturals.


Deep in the woods sits an unassuming house, one not noticed by those who pass it by, but inside exists those the world has forgotten, the Unnaturals, children born with magic from an ancient source, who also possess supernatural powers that make them dangerous to the outside world. Outcasts and misunderstood, they are taken in by Miss Crabtree, the loving Headmistress of the School. Here, at the School for Unnaturals, they learn to control their gifts and learn the art of Spellbinding under her care. When the war comes to England, their lives are placed in danger as the threat of the Nazis overtaking England, and a secret society called the Ahnenerbe, desire to use the Unnaturals to give them an advantage during World War II. When an impassioned plea is made for her children to help save England, Miss Crabtree must rally her students to stand tall in the world of the Mundanes, the same world that made them outcasts. With time running out, they must fight to stay alive and out of the hands of the Nazi Regime as the War rages.