The Dead Claim Their Own is available

01/20/2013 10:43

Paperback is available at and soon to be on amazon for the Dead Claim Their Own. Still working on formatting the ebook and attempting to understand how to preserve the antiquated frames that were added into the paperback version. Evidently this does not translate well into ebook form, or at least it doesn't like it if you attempt to do it in word 2010!

Wolves is coming along nicely. Nearly 200 pages in and book 4 is getting interesting with a few new characters and of course the customary unexpected twists!

Here's to the New Year and hoping it is fruitful for all of us! Many thanks to those of you who continue to stop by and enjoy the site, and a quick note to let you know all the Wolves books are now up on all forms of e-readers!. So read on....and enjoy!