The Dead Claim Their Own is nearing completion

12/18/2012 21:25

The Dead Claim Their Own, a novel featuring the story of Henry Ravenwood and his beloved sister Isabel, is nearly finished. A bit more on the proofwork side, and it will be complete. The work is from Henry's perspective and centers around how his life comes crashing down around him when a letter from afar arrives. His sole purpose in life has been to care for his sister, Isabel. The letter from a long lost aunt claims he has an extended family Henry never knew existed. Henry Ravenwood is a practical man and prides himself on reason, so he is naturally skeptical. After researching the validity of their claims, he agrees to allow Isabel to travel to Bennington Manor with the promise he will soon follow. All is not as it appears, Henry soon discovers after arriving at the estate. He is plagued by images, sounds, and experiences that certainly must be mania. Yet between the moments of sheer fear and absolutely terror, Henry discovers he is the only one who can unravel what happened at the Bennington Estate and save those he loves.....

The Dead Claim Their Own is due to be released close to Christmas on both paperback and ebook.