Wolves of Dullahan and other projects

02/01/2013 23:05
First off a special thanks to my dear friend Earl Broulette for the quote he created for the website. Love you Earl!

Secondly, busy at work on book 4 of Wolves and two other projects; one about New Orleans immortals, and not the kind everyone is is accustomed to but the original Nzumbe....or French Zombie which is nothing like the modern Zombie. The other one is still a project in the works...not sure I will be releasing any details yet but it will be forthcoming. Be sure to stop by your favorite site for ebooks since book 2 and book 3 in the Wolves series are up and ready to go. Also don't forget there is a forum and discussion group on Goodreads.com as well as reviews. I would love for you to join... (search for werewolves, vampires, and druids oh my!)

until then remember there just might be something under your bed and it might not be dust bunnies!