Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising available

02/11/2012 11:20


        Rorian Two Feathers as the Wolf        Malachai's son Seth

January 7th 2011

Here we are, the start of a new year. Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising is available at LULU due to popular demand and at the request of our loyal readers. Having made the unmistakable decision to awaken the sleeping dragon within the Irishman, I find we are already 100 pages into book 3! I have taken the steps to expand the original characters page on the website to enable those who visit who are not familiar yet with other published works to include characters from these books as well. At this time, it is undecided if Wolves 2 will be available in ebook form until queries sent to agents and publishing companies have been returned, so I ask that you bear with us! Blessings to you in this new year! Enjoy a good book and cup of whatever tickles your fancy!