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So you are probably wondering 'why is she publishing under another name?'  Well, it is complicated, but it has to do with several factors. Hargrove's books are a bit  edgier, not as friendly as the books I have written, and some of them may even be considered shocking. The Quintessential Gentleman is a good example; it is explicit, graphic, and gory.

Another factor is a comment an agent made to me. 'Is that your real last name or did you steal it from Mario Brothers?' Wow. I nearly died. Yes, it is my real last name. In fact, Bowser is a very common name on the east coast, and no, I didn't get it from a video game.

Thirdly, Hargrove allows me to tap into venues I have not written before with a tinge of eroticism added or horror so frightening the skin crawls and will open me up to a whole new class of readers. I hope you will stop by Hargrove's tab to see what has been published and upcoming releases. Or stop by the new website for Hargrove at

About Hargrove...

A pertual nightowl and lover of all things horror related, Hargrove finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. Whether inspiration is found in the hidden truths of the serial killers of antiquity or in the present day, it truly can be said that truth is always stranger and often more horrific than fiction. A penchant for research and a dedication to creating literary indulgences that the reader is unable to forget, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable, despised, and strangely adored. Currently a resident of the central midwest, Hargrove says no one city can be claimed as home and tends to have a 'gypsy' like gene, never residing in one city long enough to become attached or long enough to become bored.


Please visit the available works tab for all novels published under Candace L Bowser and Hargrove Perth.



WOW! breaking 31k in hits!

05/26/2012 01:08
Cannot thank all of you enough who stop by to see what the latest news is and your support. Don't forget if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get Thirteen Pieces of 8 for free! March, April, and May have all broke 31,000 hits and this is the first time this has happened since the inception...

Ebook updates

05/13/2012 11:40
Surprising that certain books sell better than others and what appeals to different countries. The top four ebooks I have in print currently are: the Mirror, Immortal War The Tears of Lilith, Kashmir, and Wolves of Dullahan, in that respective order. The first three are equally rivaling each...

New***Thirteen Pieces of 8****KDP Select title for Kindle

04/19/2012 20:03
I am pleased to announce Thirteen Pieces of 8 is an exclusive AMAZON title and is available in the Kindle Publishing Direct venue. What this means is you can now lend the book to your friends, it can be borrowed and shared. It will be part of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for the same period...

What to do, what to do?

03/22/2012 17:00
It happens to the best writer....writer's block. You sit down with the full intention of writing and you end up staring a blank word document with three lines on it...being the title, your name, and page one! I know what I need to write. I know what I want to write. It just isn't...

Memoirs of an Immortal Life

03/09/2012 20:15
Starting working on a piece that is very different from anything I have written as far as style; an epistolary novel. This will be an interesting book to finish since it is written in the perspective of three separate people who are related to each other but only one of the subjects is aware. I...

Works in Progress

02/19/2012 19:35
I started a new undertaking today, something a bit unusual, something out of the norm, but then again, what is normal? Death Rides a Horse will be a fantasy set in the old west surrounding the Sheriff of Crooked Rock named Aristide Bohannon. Wolves of Dullahan Rise of the Celts is well underway...

Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising available

02/11/2012 11:20
                      Rorian Two Feathers as the Wolf        Malachai's son Seth January 7th 2011 Here we are, the start of a new year. Wolves of Dullahan...

Archived Announcements July to December 2011

01/08/2012 13:12
December 10th, 2011 It has been an interesting year to say the least. I had to pay to be released from my contract with my first publisher...which was fine since I was grateful to be free. I went to self-publishing, a task all in itself. Not only do you have to do your own editing or find...

Links to My books!

08/10/2011 14:04

Archived Announcements 2011 to June 2011

08/10/2011 11:34
  June 27th 2011 Immortal War The Tears of Lilith is now available at I have to say it was very hard to bid her goodbye and release her into the world. The story of Lilith is by far my favorite part of the Origins tale, giving insight into the...
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