My work as Hargrove Perth

So you are probably wondering 'why is she publishing under another name?'  Well, it is complicated, but it has to do with several factors. Hargrove's books are a bit  edgier, not as friendly as the books I have written, and some of them may even be considered shocking. The Quintessential Gentleman is a good example; it is explicit, graphic, and gory.

Another factor is a comment an agent made to me. 'Is that your real last name or did you steal it from Mario Brothers?' Wow. I nearly died. Yes, it is my real last name. In fact, Bowser is a very common name on the east coast, and no, I didn't get it from a video game.

Thirdly, Hargrove allows me to tap into venues I have not written before with a tinge of eroticism added or horror so frightening the skin crawls and will open me up to a whole new class of readers. I hope you will stop by Hargrove's tab to see what has been published and upcoming releases. Or stop by the new website for Hargrove at

About Hargrove...

A pertual nightowl and lover of all things horror related, Hargrove finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. Whether inspiration is found in the hidden truths of the serial killers of antiquity or in the present day, it truly can be said that truth is always stranger and often more horrific than fiction. A penchant for research and a dedication to creating literary indulgences that the reader is unable to forget, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable, despised, and strangely adored. Currently a resident of the central midwest, Hargrove says no one city can be claimed as home and tends to have a 'gypsy' like gene, never residing in one city long enough to become attached or long enough to become bored.


Please visit the available works tab for all novels published under Candace L Bowser and Hargrove Perth.



Information about Wolves 3 and Wolves 4 now in the works...

11/29/2012 17:47
I have a spot on goodreads with a discussion group open to any Goodreads member to join. Right now there is a contest for anyone who has read the book(s) to submit an idea, and should that idea be chosen as the winner, that person will get mentioned in the credits and dedication along with a...

Wolves 2 and Wolves 3 update

10/09/2012 17:28
The Wovles of Dullahan Lupus Rising will become available to all retail ebook sellers in December of 2012 which means it will available for purchase and download through Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Amazon, and countless other sites. It will no longer be an Amazon...

The Wolves of Dullahan Rise of the Celts now available

09/23/2012 19:29
The paperback edition of the Wolves of Dullahan Rise of the Celts is now available at with the ebook soon to follow. Thank you to those of you who did the free download at Amazon. It was quite successful with 246 downloads of the ebook over a 60 hour period.

Free Download at Kindle

09/15/2012 09:24
Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising is being featured as a free download at FOR 3 DAYS only for Amazon Prime Members. Sept. 16th through the 18th. Don't miss...

Ebook Coupons on Smashwords

09/03/2012 13:33
The Origins Vampire Series Blood in the Sand is......QU46G Reign of Blood is....KZ85Q The Blood Key is....LL38Y Immortal War Tears of Lilith is....VS39N   Coupons are valid through October 3rd and you may download for any Ereader. Above listed books are $2.79 for one month only!

The Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising Ebook

09/03/2012 10:16
The Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising will be available as a KINDLE exclusive starting this week. It should be available during the day on Tuesday, September 4th. Before the end of the month, Lupus Rising will also be available as a free download for 48 hours, so keep a close eye on the Kindle...

Exciting contest forthcoming!!!

08/04/2012 22:34
The free give away for Wolves of Dullahan on ebook was quite a success! Thanks to all of you who took the time to stop by smashwords to download your free copy. I would request that if you did the download, read the book, and have an opinion, please stop by the guestbook and leave your comments!...

Special offer for those who download the FREE EBOOK AT SMASHWORDS

07/07/2012 21:06
If you download the free ebook at smashwords and post a review on for The Wolves of Dullahan, you will then be entered into a random drawing to receive a signed hardback copy of the book! We need to have as many reviews posted for the book as possible for a potential agent we...


07/01/2012 18:08
Yes, you read it correctly. The first Wolves of Dullahan is available for free download for ANY type of e-reader at: The month of July only Wolves of Dullahan and Immortal War the Tears of Lilith are ABSOLUTELY FREE! All other ebooks are reduced...

Forthcoming Release and Ebook SALE!

06/10/2012 18:30
The Dead Claim Their Own is a supernatural story set in rural England during the late 1890's. When Henry Ravenwood recieves a telegram requesting not only his presence but also the presence of his sister at the Bennington Estate, he is understandably skeptical. Henry and Isabel are the only...
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